TU15 - Managing Your Jobs on the Go - A Look at the Latest Devices, Software, and Apps

Tuesday, October 9 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM « Back

All construction companies are looking to utilize their mobile devices to manage their jobs when in the field. This presentation will take a look at current devices, software, and apps that are available to construction companies today. More specifically, we will discuss how correctly utilizing these available apps can save a construction company up to nine hours per week and exceed the expectations of the information-hungry buyer of 2019.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to utilize your existing mobile phone or tablet in the field to streamline communication - saving numerous hours per week in managing your subs, vendors, clients and job site details.
2. Learn how to take advantage of available apps and cloud software to feed the information-hungry client before, during, and after the job.
3. Learn how to reduce phone calls, text messages, and emails that can inundate a business owner, so you can focus on tasks that are important for building a great company.
4. Learn about best practices in logging job site information.

Credits: 0

Education Tracks: General

Event Type: Conference Mini Workshops > Session